Weston vacuum sealer brand

WestonThe Weston vacuum sealer brand is coming up third on the top five list. Although it is not number one, some people prefer it due to its simplicity and relatively compact size. The industry middle-man is one among 4 other sealer brands that have been tested. Competitors like FoodSaver, VacMaster, GameSaver and Oliso have been gathered to compare all aspects. The Weston vacuum sealers are known for their stainless steel/black design, and their compact size. The brand caters to commercial as well as domestic household use, and only has one model that is a chamber sealer.
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Design (2/5)

Weston didn’t go overboard when they came up with the design of their vacuum sealing systems. They have one general look that combines stainless steel and black panels, creating a sleek and simple design that is favored by most hunters and fishermen. It is ranking the second from last position in this category, since rivals like FoodSaver and VacMaster came up with a larger range of colors and shapes in their own product lines. Weston found one concept that works, or at least for the targeted clients who like to preserve their game, less can sometimes be more.

Portability (2/5)

Portability is another field where Weston doesn’t really seem to be a contender. The average size of their vacuum sealing systems is just not small enough to be carried around the whole day. This is totally fine, if it meant to be used at home, however for people who prefer to take it with them on a trip, the super compact version of Oliso might be a better choice. Whether this is the case or not, the vacuum sealers that Weston has are not too bulky, and fit great on any kitchen counter.

Ease of Use (4/5)

The smart food sealers that Weston deals in are very easy to use. This is proven on the ranking, as they are coming up second, right behind the GameSaver who is at the top of the list. These two brands seem to be competitors in this area since they both have a concept of less is more. With no fancy digitalized buttons that can complicate things, these vacuum sealers are using the easiest three step function to store away all kinds of foods that can be wet or dry. Whether it is for professional or at-home use, the appliance will make food storage an ease for sure.

Functional Versatility (3/5)

Weston doesn’t overdo things; ranking in the middle once again among its contenders when functional versatility is at question. This just means that there are no fancy features that will give anyone a headache, it is a press and go series that has basic functions to meet the expectations of the average buyer. The compact sealers can vacuum out unwanted air with a moisture detector that will help keep in the juices of the packaged foods. Other functions are the single or double sealing strip that create an air-lock and keep the foods fresh for longer.

Powerful (4/5)

Coming in at second place, the Weston proves itself to be one of the most powerful vacuum sealers among its contenders. Only the very heavy-duty VacMaster brand came higher in ranking when power was concerned. This means that the handy appliance will perform great for a long time, having strong motors that will do a quick and efficient job. Whether they are used in a professional or a domestic setting, the lifetime of the Weston vacuum engine will surely be longer than the other brands. Although there is tons of power, the brand still seems to maintain a good size, with no bulky features that need to hide the powerful fans or other strong parts.


Overall Weston offers fine piece of machinery for a correct price, leaving it in third place on the top five list. This is a vacuum sealer brand is one that has a simple, yet sleek design, that will not go out of trend. Its portability is questionable, not too bulky, so it can be carried and transported, however it is not as compact as some of the other contenders. The ease-of-use and power is where it gets higher scores, since it is not over complicated, and does what a powerful sealer needs to do, seal food in an effective way.

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