Weston Pro2300 Vacuum Sealer Silver Review

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer, Silver
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  • Quality and performance driven products for your home
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of living for your home with Weston
  • Countertop vacuum sealer keeps food fresh 5 to 6 times longer
  • Auto mode for one-touch operation or manual mode for a custom seal
  • LED lights; extra-large Teflon bar can seal bags up to 15 inches wide


Are you planning to purchase a new vacuum sealer for your kitchen? Or, are you thinking of changing the model of your current vacuum sealer? If the answers of the mentioned questions are somewhat positive for you, then it is very significant for you to have a complete knowledge about the best vacuum sealer reviews.

Today, we will discuss about one of the best vacuum sealers which is known as Weston Pro2300 Vacuum Sealer Silver. You must read this whole review for getting a clearer picture of this vacuum sealer. For making this review more convenient for you, we will try to explain the whole review about the best vacuum sealer in a step by step manner.


Heavy Duty Performer

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer Silver FeatureThis vacuum sealer can be regarded as a great device which works perfectly for preserving and storing recently packed vegetables, fish, meats and other related food products. The sealing feature of this sealing machine up to 15 inches in width has make this one of the most powerful vacuum sealers of its type.

Powerful but runs Quietly

The Weston Pro2300 is designed like a war tank. It is quite heavy and strong. But, the most useful feature about this type is that it works strongly without making any kind of loud sound.

Cooling fan

There is a built-in cooling fan inside this vacuum sealer machine. This cooling fan is turned on automatically whenever you switch on this device. The primary task of this cooling fan is to control the temperature of the motor of this machine.

Vacuum chamber seals

This powerful sealing device comes with 2 built-in oval vacuum chamber seals. These built-in seals work as a helping hand for creating the perfect air-tight condition in the sealing bags. Actually, these vacuum chamber seals are designed for evacuating the vacuum chamber in the most appropriate manner.

Thermal Overload Protection

One of the primary features of this vacuum sealer is that it will automatically shut down when it overheats. This technology is one of the newest ones which you will not get with the other competitive models.

Higher performance with reliability option

The sturdy construction of this vacuum sealer has made it an exclusive one for performing the commercial tasks. The sealing feature is too strong that your products would remain fresh for a period of 2 months. It is really one of the most unique features you can get with this Weston Pro2300.

Benefits of Weston Pro2300

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer Silver Benefit
The Weston Pro2300 Vacuum Sealer Silver has the feature of sealing the wider bags which allows the users to seal bags of bigger sizes.
The sealing strips of this vacuum machine come with Teflon which gives the bags protection from being wrinkled or, burnt.
The double vacuum-pump is another great benefit you can get with this best vacuum sealer. This special feature ensures better vacuuming at the time of performing the sealing thing.
This powerful vacuum sealer can seal approximately 35 bags without taking any break.
There is a cooler fan which can make the motor cool down since it works heavily for providing powerful and heavy duty performance.

Pros & Cons


  • Reliable and sturdy construction
  • Automatic mode option
  • Cooling fan
  • Overheat fuse for turning off the machine
  • Handy and simple to clean dripping tray
  • Teflon bar assists to seal wider length bags
  • Warranty for a period of 1 year


  • The weight and dimension of this vacuum sealer have made this a bulky one.
  • Works best with the Weston bags only.

Customer Review

I have got a Weston Pro2300 for my kitchen a few months ago. It is very quick and quiet while performing the sealing task. To me, this sealing kit is a perfect one for the Weston bags. However, I think that it does not work well with the other kind of ordinary bags. Not a kind of big problem, because the price of the Weston bags is more or less same in comparison to that of the normal bags. Anyway, the performance of this vacuum sealer is completely up to the mark. All of my food products like meats, vegetables and other related food items are quite protected because of the exclusive air-tight protection provided by it. Another thing I must say which is the weight of this sealer. I think it is quite heavier than the old one I used earlier. So, I have placed it in a corner of my kitchen so that I do not need to carry it while doing the sealing job.

Overall, I will say that my decision to replace my old vacuum sealing with this new Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 is a great, indeed!

Instructions for Maintenance

In order to save energy, you should switch off the Weston Pro2300 Vacuum Sealer Silver, otherwise the cooler fan will consume energy.
For avoiding problems like overheating, you can wait for 20-25 seconds before the opening of the vacuum lid after the completion of each sealing task.
The oval vacuum-chamber seals are needed to be replaced over time. So, you must change these seals for getting the best performance from this best vacuum sealer.
For avoiding any unexpected accidents, remove the power plug after finishing your sealing job.
You have to keep this sealing machine completely clean for protecting your foods from any kind of germs and bacteria.
Before turning off the device, make sure it is completely cool.
For better safety precautions, keep this device away from your children’s reach.


As you will have to spend a handsome amount of money for getting the best vacuum sealer for your home, so you have to check for all kinds of information through studying the authentic vacuum sealer reviews. From the above review about Weston Pro2300 Vacuum Sealer Silver, you have got a complete understanding of all the aspects of this best vacuum sealer. If you want to look for more information, you can also go for checking different other sites those give genuine reviews about the best vacuum sealers.

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