How to vacuum seal mason jars with ease?

Those days are gone, when a vacuum sealer was only responsible for sealing bags only. Nowadays, there are several models of vacuum sealers that can not only seal bags, but can also seal mason jars, marinade boxes and many other storage equipment’s. Using a vacuum sealer to seal a mason jar is the best option to store food for a long period as it ensures an airtight seal which protects the food from the bacteria.

Before looking at the steps involved in sealing a mason jar, first of all, let’s have a look at the items required for this process. You should arrange these items before starting the sealing process as without it the sealing process can never be completed.

  • All the vacuum sealers cannot seal mason jars, as only a vacuum sealer with a vacuum outlet port can get the job done. Not only this, you will also require some additional items like air extraction tube. Some models do support these additional items; otherwise you need to buy it from the market.
  • Air extraction tube is a plastic hose that is responsible for establishing a connection with the sealing attachment and the vacuum sealer.

Let us try to find the exact answer to this important question that is How to vacuum seal Mason jar ?

How to vacuum seal mason jars

Prepare the jar

The foremost step is to store the food in a jar and make sure it is not filled up to the mouth of a jar. While storing the food, make sure there is an at least one inch gap between the mouth of the jar and the food because if the food is stored up to the mouth, then the machine can suck some food which result in wastage. Moreover, cover the jar with a flat lid instead of covering it from a metal ring.

Use a sealing attachment

Second step is to fit a sealing attachment over the jar’s mouth. This is not at all difficult as you need to push the sealing attachment in the downward direction over the Mason jar mouth, until the neck of the jar becomes invisible.

Connect the air extraction hose

You need to be a little bit extra careful while performing the third step because if it is not perfectly executed, then an appropriate vacuum pressure will not be created which will not seal the jar tightly. Take an air extraction tube and connects it opening end at the top of the sealer attachment and its lower end at the vacuum outlet port on the vacuum sealer.

Start the sealing process

The last step is to turn on the vacuum sealer and press the right button on the appliance to start the air extraction process which will be automatically turned off, once an appropriate amount of pressure has been created.

The method mentioned above is the simplest way to seal a mason jar. However, this method cannot be applied to other storage equipment’s such as glass jars as you need some attachments such as a canister, special lid and many more items to seal a glass jar.

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