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Feb 19

Vacuum sealer is a useful kitchen appliance as it helps us to avoid food wastage. A user can safely store food for a longer period of time with the help of this appliance. There are several models of vacuum sealer which are equipped with some smart features. However, Vacmaster vp215 model is considered as the best model currently available because of its incredible features and high customer ratings.

This model has been highly appreciated by the users because of its mind blowing performance. As a result this model has gained a customer rating of 4.3 out of 5.0, which is the highest by any model. Functionality, Design, maintenance and warranty policies are some of the factors which must be considered before making a purchase. So, letís have a look at the review of this top rated model.


In terms of functionality this model is the best one as it can be used to seal different food dishes such as fish, meat, soups, sauces and many other food dishes. This model can seal everything in a sealing bag, which allows the user to safely store different food dishes. However, this model does not have an ability to seal mason jars or other containers, but its ability to seal sealing bags to perfection is the major reason behind its popularity.

Vacmaster vp215


Vacmaster vp215 is quite heavy as it is made up of stainless steel. A user might find it difficult to frequently move this appliance from one place to another. Moreover, this model measure 20 X 14 X 15 inches in size, which means a user needs to create a lot of space in the kitchen to store this appliance. However, this model is considered as the best model for home and small restaurants as it is specially designed for small scale packaging.


This model comes with an inbuilt maintenance kit, which makes it easy for the user to maintain this model. One of the difficult tasks to maintain a vacuum sealer is to change the oil of the pump. However, it is not the case with this model as a user can easily change the oil of the pump with the help of the maintenance kit.

Warranty and replacement policy

This model comes with one year warranty. In order to prevent any damage during shipping, the company delivered the product with excellent packaging. The machine is covered with saran wrap and is packed in two boxes in order to make sure the product is safely delivered to the customer without any damage. However, if you have still received a damaged product, then you can replace the product within one month.

Apart from its bulky size, you will not find any flaw in this model. Overall, this model is a perfect solution for your kitchen storage problems as you can safely store all types of food in sealing bags for a longer period of time. Moreover, this model is quite easy to operate and perform tasks at a faster rate as compared to other models, which also saves you a lot of time.

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