VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
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Review Summary:

  • Chamber style allows you to vacuum package soups and stews and other liquid-rich foods.
  • Maintenance-free vacuum pump; easy-to-use and maintain.
  • Features automatic programming options and an automatic lid.
  • Chamber size: 11.75" x 11.5" x 4"; Seal Bar Length 11.5"
  • Vacuum packaging helps prevent freezer-burn and dehydration; keeps food fresh up to 5x longer.


Whether you are searching for a vacuum sealing solution for the sous-vide preparation or, a sort of additional food-items storing machine for lessening the load of your refrigerator, the VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer can be the ideal device to meet all of your needs.

Perfect for both small business and home use, this sealer gives you the option of top-class vacuum sealing. And, this option lets you keeping your foods completely fresh for a longer period of time. At the same time, you will also be ensured that the ingredient’s flavor will be kept as it was before the sealing.

To aid you in determining whether the VacMaster VP120 is an appropriate vacuum sealer for you or not, we are writing the following review which will cover almost all the attributes and benefits of this sealing kit. At the same time, we will also mention the pros & cons so that you can get an unbiased review about this product.​



VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum SealerThe VacMaster VP120 has been designed to make this sealer completely user-friendly for you. In this case, on the lid of the machine, you will get the control panel that is very simple-to-use. This instinctive control panel will help you to make necessary adjustments for sealing or, vacuuming with the simple-push button. As you know that not all kinds of foods require the same type of vacuuming & sealing, so this option can be a very useful feature you can get.

Keeps your foods fresh

One of the primary features of this vacuum sealing kit is that it comes with the most advanced commercial-technology that works best to keep the liquids and related foods totally fresh for a period around a maximum of 5 days.

Highly Durable

The VacMaster VP120 has a stainless-steel body which is highly durable. It has been built to last for many years.

Benefits of VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

You will get a wide range of functions like 3 different heating levels for sealing different types of container bags with the VP120.
This vacuum sealer comes with the multi-functional configuration settings which can definitely improve your vacuum sealing experience.
One of the most attractive things of this vacuum sealer is the reliable and sturdy design.
A newcomer will not face any sort of problem while using this simple-to-use highly versatile sealing kit.

Pros & Cons


  • Keeps food items fresh up to 5x longer
  • Very simple to use
  • Auto programming features provides complete convenience
  • Wider mouth enabled
  • Very easy-to-clean
  • Offers various kinds of packaging options
  • Tremendous sucking & sealing power
  • Control Panel: User-friendly
  • Easy to observe pressure-indicator
  • Convenient transparent lid


  • Kind of expensive in comparison to other chamber vacuum sealers
  • Size is comparatively big
  • Bulky & heavy in comparison to the weight of other chamber vacuum sealers

Customer Review

VacMaster VP120When it comes to the matter of purchasing a new appliance for my home at that time, I act like an exert analyst because it is my money which I have to spend to bring it home. A few months back when I was thinking to replace my old vacuum sealer with a new one then, I thought of practicing my analyzing thing.

Like I said, I started to search for the best vacuum sealer reviews on different sites on the internet. At the same time, I also studied the customer reviews which I think was very helpful indeed. It is quite shocking but the truth is that it took like 3-4 days to fix my decision. And, finally I took the decision of purchasing the VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

And, at the current time, there can be found no one as happy & satisfied as I am, for my new VacMaster VP120. Truly speaking, this vacuum sealer acts like a sturdy machine which does not need any rest. It can give continuous heavy-duty sealing service for a period like 7-8 hours. Really, I have become a fan of this vacuum sealer.​


This can be a wonderful attribute of this vacuum sealer that it does not require any kind of maintenance for first 2-3 years. However, you should wash it properly after finishing the sealing task each day. It will help you to keep your vacuum sealer germ-free all the time.


We hope that this neutral review about the VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer can be a helpful one for you. Wish you all the best so that you can get the right vacuum sealing kit for your kitchen.

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