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VacMaster Brand is a top vacuum packaging brand that caters to domestic and commercial kitchen use. The chamber vacuum sealers as well as the food vacuum sealers are suitable for small businesses as well as stay at home moms who love to store away anything from dry to liquid substances. This food sealer brand has special lines with more powerful vacuums that can be great for commercial use. However, they never forget to cater to the average household, and provide just the same quality for their domestic users. Among its 4 competitors, FoodSave,r Weston, GameSaver and Oliso; the VacMaster Brand is coming up second place overall, which proves that it is well worth its price, just depends on what a person really seeks.

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Design (4/5)

Recent rankings have shown that VacMaster is tagging along in second place after FoodSaver as far as design is concerned. The brand has a very modern and heavy-duty design that is suitable for all kitchens; however the stainless steel finish may not fit everyone’s taste. There aren’t as much variations as its competitors white, black, stainless steel, and even red outer finishes. This is probably the reason that the brand scored second, but overall still looks good on the chart, where it leaves the three other competitors like Weston, Gamesaver and Oliso behind.

Portability (1/5)

Portability is the area where VacMaster scored the lowest. The brand has sealers which are used commercially, and thus are very heavy to transport. Their large size, as well as their dependence of electricity makes them a loser among their competitors. This is probably an appliance for someone who does very frequent food storage, and doesn’t need to move it around in their kitchen or wherever they find it the practical to use. Unless someone minds bringing their game home and packing it up there, a better option would be a more compact version found among the other brands.

Ease of Use (1/5)

VP540C_04-500x500As mentioned earlier, this brand caters to professionals, either at home or in a small business, therefore the vacuum sealers come with quite complicated options for the average user. The VacMaster scored the lowest on ease of use, due to the fact that this line of sealers come with the option of liquid storage as well as dry goods. The chamber sealing option may not be the easiest to master for a beginner, however it provides options that were earlier not available.

Functional Versatility (5/5)

Functional versatility is where the sealing brand is ranking the highest. This is due to the fact that it has the total liquid sealing option in its chambered units. If a person wants to store away a soup or a sauce, they are now capable of doing so with these machines. The double seal prevents any leaks and keeps in the juices of any marinated food for longer. Other than this, the dry sealing option is not forgotten in favorite models like the VP210, which is totally maintanance free.

Powerful (5/5)

If someone is looking for the most powerful vacuum sealer on the market than there no nothing better than the VacMaster. Getting top ranks among its competitors, this heavy duty sealer brand is taking all the attention. This is not a surprise at it is the one who really caters to commercial users, and thus it has to have a powerful line that will not disapoint. In a business where there is frequent use, a powerful machine is a must, not to mention the time it can save, by being prompt and reliable all at once.


When comparing the five available food vacuum sealer brands, VacMaster gets second place. It is a real make or break brand that has just specified itself for its target market and doesn’t meet all the needs of an avarage household. This however doesn’t mean that it is not good, it may not be as stilish as the FoodSave, but it is definitely top notch when power and functional versatility is concerned. The two types of vacuum sealing lines, the chambered and the suctioned variations provide the food storage that is mostly needed for professional use. If the bulky stainless steel look is something that is of secondary priority, than this heavy duty vacuum sealer brand is probably what you are looking for.

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