How to Use a Vacuum Sealer for Applications Other Than Food Storage

Many home users are aware that vacuum sealing is an effective way to store food. Its also the primary reason that many home users purchase this sealing appliance. Also, if we honestly consider its various benefits then we can say that it’s a must appliance for modern day kitchen. Food packaging industry is also giving vacuum sealers very much importance. Mainly vacuum sealing machine work by removing the air from the food packages and keep the food preserved. Food preserved by a vacuum sealer stay fresh and if you store it in a freezer then it won’t freezer-burn.

Apart from this use and its various benefits, do you know that these same vacuum sealing machines are being used for various other applications? Here are some of the other applications where a vacuum sealing machine can be used to package various other items effectively.

Metal Items

Metal items like bronze, silver or copper when comes in contact with air, start to tarnish over time. It’s a big trouble for many people. The cutlery items, jewelry and other items made of metal often worn out due to corrosion and it takes lots of efforts and time to clean them. Also, even if you clean them they never seem as shiny and new as they were in the beginning.


Wouldn’t it be great to prevent any kind of corrosion in the first place?

Many people want this to happen and thanks to the technology of vacuum sealing that now its possible. With vacuum sealers you can store metal items like silver jewelry, cutlery items, electronic and mechanical parts, batteries, etc. Though, its not the complete solution, yet it’s the best method to store metal items for long-term. Since, in a vacuumed sealed bag air is not present so there are very less chances of tarnishing for such metal items. So far, it’s the most effective way to keep metal items as new as original.

Remember, if you are storing any sharp cutlery items by using vacuum sealer; make sure you first wrap them in a soft paper. The sharp cutlery items can puncture the plastic bags

Important Documents

Have you ever needed any important document very much for any official work and you only found it damaged? It happens with many people. Papers often get damaged for many reasons and one of the primary reasons is natural elements like dust, moisture and air.


To counteract such damages to important documents, lamination techniques are adopted. These techniques are quite common and effective in short-term safety of papers but often get damaged soon.

Vacuum sealing is another option to keep important documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, warranty cards and purchasing records, etc. safe. Vacuum sealing option is very handy and easy. It makes sure that the documents don’t get damp or come in contact with dust and air. Also, if you to keep your documents safe from any person then you must cut the plastic coating just above the edge of documents and seal them with a little space. Whenever anyone would access your documents, he would need to open the seal. By checking the seal, you can easily tell if someone had accessed your important documents or not.

Isn’t amazing how this simple vacuum sealing technique can keep your important documents safe from natural elements as well as unauthorized people.

Important Books


Just like important documents, we all have some important books which we want to keep always safe. Dust, dampness and air affect the book cover and pages overtime and can damage them completely. So to keep the quality of book paper as fine as it was newly purchase, we all must adopt some precautionary measures. By locking away the books in a cupboard, we can prevent dust and dampness to some extent. However, to keep the air from affecting the books we must use a vacuum sealer.

This is one of the most beneficial uses of vacuum sealers. For book lovers, especially this application of vacuum sealers is quite admirable. So apart from sealing different food products you can vacuum seal books, which you want to keep for long-term use. Often some books have sentimental value, so vacuum sealers provide you with an opportunity to keep your memories of love, joy and pure bliss alive for a long time.

CDs, DVDs and Other Media


Other than storing food, vacuum sealing has an application for storing media products and back-ups like CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs. Though these media products come in their own cases but humidity, dust and air always temper with the quality. If you want to keep them safe and stored for a long time then vacuum sealing methods can come in handy.

Vacuum sealed bags can store such media along with the cases and protect them from any accidental issues. Also, if you have vinyl records then vacuum sealing can be your best option. Vacuum sealing provides with the best storing environment to the discs and CDs, since it removes the air, dust and any moisture present on the media. No doubt, it’s the most economical way to store valuable media for a long time.

Travelling Supplies and Emergency Kits


If you love travelling and you often go for camping, then you must know the trouble different environments cause. The travelling supplies like toiletries, luggage, cell phones, watches, compass, maps, etc. often don’t work properly due to moisture and exposure to other natural elements.

If you use vacuum sealer to pack these supplies, you won’t face such challenges. Also, supplies like cosmetics, medicine bottles and other liquid accessories usually spill out in the luggage and destroy your cloths and other things in the bag. While packaging your luggage you must seal those supplies properly to avoid any kind of discomfort during your adventurous camping trips.

So always pack a backpack without fear of environmental factors. Take your cell phones, batteries, match boxes, sanitation products, etc. and make the most of your trip. When vacuum sealer is at your service, travelling is enjoyable.

While travelling and camping, its always advisable to keep emergency kits with you. Vacuum sealing can help you prepare for any type of disaster. By using vacuum sealer, you can easily vacuum seal surgical gloves, instruments, band aids, gauze tapes, ointments, etc.

Elite First Aid Military IFAK Individual First Aid Kit Olive Drab

If you have kids and they often get bruises during their routine play and activities, then you must store band-aids. Since rushing to medical store every once in a week is not a good idea. Its often seen that band-aids loose the adhesive quality overtime. In order to keep the adhesiveness of band-aids fresh for a long time, you can use a vacuum sealing machine. Vacuum seal band-aids and store them at your house. Now you won’t have to rush to stores.

So packing travelling supplies and emergency kits is a great application of vacuum sealers besides sealing food packages.

Guns and Ammunition


If you have ammunition supplies or any industry that store guns, vacuum sealing can come in handy for these items. Guns and ammunition often get damaged due to environmental factors, especially dirt, moisture and air. The guns become rusty overtime and don’t function properly. Also the ammunition supplies lose their effectiveness and stop functioning properly. To avoid any of such situations, you can use vacuum sealer machine to seal pack guns and ammunition supplies.

Once guns and ammunition supplies are sealed in vacuumed bags air, dirt and moisture cannot temper with their quality. So you can rely on vacuum sealers for storing guns and ammunition for a long time.

Preserve Photos


Almost all of us love to click photos and capture the precious moments of our lives. Losing such precious memories in any accidental events is quite painful for many people. Well if you have vacuum sealer at your home then you don’t need to worry. By using vacuum sealer you can easily preserve your photos from any accidental event like flood, pipe leakages or any other disaster, since life is very unpredictable. So take all your best photos and put them in a plastic coating or a plastic bag and vacuum seal your precious memories. It’s the best and safest way to store photos.

Isn’t it strange that when the vacuum sealers have been introduced, many home users considered it useful for only kitchens? Packing different kinds of food products in plastic bags, cans, jars and canisters was thought to be the only application of sealing machines. However, we hope that after reading the above mentioned various applications of vacuum sealers, you must have realized that it has many applications other than just storing food.

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