How to Use Jar Vacuum Sealer to Seal Mason Jars

Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

Wonder how to seal mason jars to store your special kinds of food? Using vacuum sealer for sealing and storing foods in plastic bags is very normal for the users. However, there are some special kinds of models that also offer to vacuum and seal the containers and mason jars. You can buy the special jar vacuum sealers as well as buy hose accessories and use your sealer machine for sealing jars.

However, your existing vacuum sealer needs to have the option to seal mason jars, canisters and other containers. If you have not sealed any canister or jar yet, we will teach you how to do this. Before proceeding to the stage, you have to know what jar vacuum sealer is first.

What is a Mason jar vacuum sealer?

A jar vacuum sealer is a type of jar that provides you the chance to vacuum and seal a jar to store special kinds of foods. Normally, the dry foods and powered are used to be vacuumed and sealed on a glass canister or mason jars.

There is a group of kits known as hose accessories in order to seal a jar. The pressure-sealing jar outlet port is used to attach the accessories and the tube to the machine. The tube will connect the jar to the machine that will suck out all air of the jar within a short time.

How to Seal a Canister or Jar Perfectly?

There are several steps that you will need to follow in order to vacuum and seal a jar to store food. This is almost like sealing plastic bags but little bit complicated.

  1. Prepare your jar & Canister
  2. Attach the Jar Sealing Accessories
  3. Attach the Air Extraction Tube
  4. Turn-on the Vacuum sealer Machine

Prepare your jar & Canister

Do you know how to prepare a jar in order to increase the durability of the food as well as prevent your machine from any type of problem? Of course, the new users of the jar vacuum sealer will make full use of the jar to store food.

Like the plastic bags, you will also need to leave some empty space in order to get good result. According to the vacuum sealer manufactures, you should leave at least 1 inch or more (if you want) to get good result. If you want to do this for powder items, you should use a thin paper so that they stops them attract by the sucking power.

If you do not leave any empty space, you will not able to vacuum and seal it properly. On the other hand, you will face problems in the suction process for powder items.

Attach the Jar Sealing Accessories

This is the improtnat part because you need to attach the items carefully and perfectly to get good result. This is very simple process in which you will need to attach the attachments on the close mouth of the jar. You need to push it to the neck of the jar in order to get proper suction. However, you should also care that it should not touch the food.

Sometimes you may not have every accessory with the machine. For that reason, check and re-check that you have given every item with the sealer.

Attach the Air Extraction Tube

In this process, you will need to attach the back end of the tube in your sealing machine. The port of the tube will be varied model to model. For that reason, you should think about the model as well as find the right port.

You should connect the tube properly to your machine to get good result. Sometimes the connection is loss and do not provide good suction. For that reason, check the connection properly before starting the machine.

Turn-on the Vacuum sealer Machine

When your connections are made properly, you can turn on the machine to start vacuuming and sealing process. If your machine is featured by automatic operation, then, you do not need to turn-on and turn-off the machine. However, you need to push the button and adjust the speed if this is a manual machine.

So, this is the way by which you can seal a jar, canister and other containers. Remember that the entire process is same but the accessories can be in different shapes and sizes.

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