How To a Use Chamber Vacuum Sealer

How to use chamber vacuum sealerA vacuum sealer is one of the most important appliances to have in the kitchen as it allows you store your food for as long as possible via an air-tight seal. Vacuum sealers are probably now new to people, but how many people have actually heard about chamber vacuum sealer? The chamber vacuum sealer is considered the most effective vacuum sealer and it is not easily accessible.

There are amazing reviews on chamber vacuum sealer online. One of them testifies that even though it can be more expensive than the average vacuum sealer, it is the best choice you can make for your small businesses and homes if you what you are looking for is quality and quality alone. Another person testifies to the glaring fact that it is a “user-friendly sealing machine.”

A chamber vacuum sealer keeps your food items for as long as you want it to be fresh. This particular type of vacuum sealer is usually used for commercial or industrial purposes. It is quite efficient and effective for your professionals who own restaurants and food outlets. It is equally useful for homeowners who find it expedient probably as a result of their busy schedules. If you are considering getting a chamber vacuum sealer and you are not sure of how it works, the following steps capture how a chamber vacuum sealer works. The steps below should be taken seriously as a chamber vacuum sealer is not like any other vacuum sealer. Thus, it does not work the way other vacuum sealers work. Things to consider on how to use a chamber vacuum sealer:

Safety: Protect yourself first

Someone wonders why this is coming up first. Okay, what is the link between how chamber vacuum sealer works and safety. Your safety is the first thing to look out for before trying out the chamber vacuum sealer. If you’d be dealing with a chamber vacuum sealer with high air pressure, you can wear protective gloves to protect your hands from being affected. Be safe. You can consult professionals if you think the chamber vacuum sealer is beyond what you can handle on your own. Finally, be certain that everything is in place as regards the vacuum chamber sealer before you start using it.

Ensure the Food Is Properly Packaged

Now that you have taken safety precautions and certain that the chamber vacuum sealer is in a very good condition, the next step that will guarantee a proper working of the chamber vacuum sealer is to see to it that that the food you are about to store is properly packaged after which the food will be put in the chamber-sealer. For proper packaging, sous vide bags are usually recommended. Do not package the food into a dirty bag. After the food has been properly packaged, do well to fold the bag.

Prepare to Load the Food

The next step after you might have packaged the food is to move to the chamber sealer which is responsible for the sealing cycle. Keep the bag safely over the sealing bar for the escape of air. Also, the lid of the vacuum sealer should be properly closed. Only then can you move to the next step.

Vacuum sealing cycle

Sealing food by vacuum sealerThis process is popularly referred to as the vacuum-sealing cycle. The good thing about this step is that the sealing time is adjustable. The sealing time is also dependent on the bag used in the first step. If the bag is quite thick, it will take a longer time than a thin bag. The sealing time can thus be adjusted according to the type of food: solid or liquid. It is advised that solid foods at 50 millibars while liquid foods are stored at 200-500 millibars. In other words, what you are sealing should determine how much you lower or increase the pressure. When you reach your desired vacuum level, the vacuum pump automatically stops and the bag gets sealed by the sealing bar. The sealing process ends when the chamber vacuum sealer fuses the bag thereby preventing air from getting into the bag.

Atmospheric Pressure

The last step is putting the vacuum chamber sealer under atmospheric pressure so that an effective result can be got at the end of the day. There are heat sealing bars to seal the bags to avoid air getting into the bag. The bag can get hot-sealed for as long as you wish. This depends, again, on the thickness or thinness of the bag. the

This marks the end of the sealing cycle. The bag is folded around the product as a result of the difference in atmospheric pressure.

The Advantages a Chamber Vacuum Sealer Has Over An External Vacuum Sealer

As opposed to chamber vacuum sealer, external vacuum sealer is usually used by homeowner and not necessarily for commercial or industrial uses. While external vacuum sealer is quite easy to use and affordable, it also fits easily into the kitchen, chamber vacuum sealer has some benefits over external vacuum sealer and they are:

Size: Seal large bags in short time

This benefit is due to the fact chamber vacuum sealer is used for industrial or commercial purposes. It then follows that you get to store more bags of packaged food. It is more efficient than the external vacuum sealer as it can seal large amounts of bags in a very short time. It has also been confirmed that this benefit also allows for quicker sealing of bags when compared to the external vacuum sealer. This way, you get to take maximum advantage of the chamber vacuum sealer by speeding up the whole storage process of your food items.

Better for Sealing Liquids

Vacuum Sealing soupChamber vacuum sealer works more efficiently for sealing liquids than its external vacuum sealer counterpart. Vacuuming liquids like soups, stew are a lot easier with chamber vacuum sealer. The external vacuum sealer tends to ruin a perfect plan at sealing liquids at times by making a mess out of it. You are strongly advised to use chamber vacuum sealer for your liquids and if you have no other choice but to use an external vacuum sealer, make sure that you are very careful about it.

Varieties for food vacuum sealing

With chamber vacuum sealer comes varieties and varieties, they say, spice up life. This is another advantage it has over external vacuum sealer. You can use different kinds of bags to seal and package foods if it is chamber vacuum sealer. External vacuum sealer on the other hand does not support these varieties. The bags it uses are exclusive to it alone and usually costs more than the average bag. This way, you might be spending a lot on bags if you don’t go for chamber vacuum sealer. You also get the chance to seal more than one bag within a short time if you use a large size of chamber vacuum sealer. If for anything, this is a valid reason to go for the chamber vacuum sealer.

Versatility: Multi purpose for vacuum sealing

If you are still wondering why you should go for chamber vacuum sealer, its unique versatility will convince you. It goes beyond sealing as marinating and infusions can be done with the chamber vacuum sealer. You can make desserts with fruits and do all sorts with your vegetables as long as you have your vacuum chamber sealer. External vacuum sealers are never as versatile. They (external) are mostly used to seal solid and sometimes, liquid foods. You can also refer to the chamber vacuum sealer as a multi-purpose vacuum sealer as one is enough to store all sorts of foods and ingredients. Marinating meat has never been better. Why go for less when you can get much more in just a package?


The chamber vacuum sealer is one of the best decisions to make as regards your restaurants and other food businesses you may be involved in. It affords you the opportunity of sealing large amounts of food, fruits and ingredients in a very short period of time. You can now save your food products for a very long time without worrying about them decaying. Operating the chamber vacuum sealer is not rocket science.

If you follow the above instructions on how to use a chamber vacuum sealer, you will find yourself operating it like a pro. This may cost some money but it will be worth it at the end of the day. Think about the losses you may incur if your food items are not properly stored and compare to how doing otherwise will positively affect your business. There are other key features to ensure that the chamber vacuum sealer works according to your specifications and requirements.

The chamber vacuum sealer also guarantees high level of safety. It does not only preserve your food and ingredients; it also protects them from anaerobic organisms by reducing their growths to the barest minimum. Surely, there is no other better way to invest or get serious with food businesses than with a chamber vacuum sealer. Do it the smart way. The chamber vacuum sealer is the right and smart way. Never sleep on it. This one will exceed your expectations. Read more from our best reviews of chamber vacuum sealers to explore different options, usages, and benefits from well-known chamber vacuum sealers.

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