About Me

Jessica-Kim21Hi. I am Jessica Kim And I like to create my own pantry and experiment with different food saving methods. I am not a professional but its my hobby to create methods and use products that could preserve food for a very long time. If you have been into this stuff then you can relate to my feelings of accomplishment and joy when everything goes well. Mostly things don’t used to go well for me. Lots of food products used to get spoiled in my pantry. The pain of loss was heart wrenching at times, since it was not only the food that got wasted but also my efforts, energy and time.  However, over the course of time I realized an important thing. This failure had gained me experience over what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to preserving food. That’s how I came across vacuum sealers.Initially, I suffered with many vacuum sealer brands. I dint know what kind of vacuum sealer would be appropriate for my food saving needs. I dint give up and keep experimenting. Continuous efforts and bad decision making taught me well about the good choices. Finally I discovered the vacuum sealer brands that worked for me and helped me feel fulfilled in what I wanted to achieve.

Well, this was a hell of an energetic experience and it made me realize how much efforts, time, money and energy I wasted in the past few years. I also provoked me to think, what if I had known about these vacuum sealer brands a few years back? Well, obviously I would have saved lots of money, time and energy, and perhaps I wouldn’t have to throw away my best harvest.


This thought invited an idea into my mind that I should create a platform where I could help other people like me. That’s how I launched this website with great passion and a sincere intention to serve people like me who want to preserve their home garden harvest for a longer time or the ones who want to create a pantry full of delicious meals.

I teamed up with experts of the industry and vacuum sealer enthusiasts to provide the readers of this website very reliable reviews, trusted advice and factual information. My intention was to reach out as many people as I can and guide them to make the best choices. In this way my vision resulted in creation of a huge knowledgebase about vacuum sealers.

It’s a matter of great pride for me to receive heartwarming feedback from our readers who daily come from around the world and seek our knowledgebase for guidance. Honestly, saving people from making bad decisions about vacuum sealers has been one of the best feelings in my life. It charges my spirit 100x and makes me able to bring more value to my reader’s lives.

How do we do it?


Since our mission is to get you latest and reliable information on vacuum sealers, so we have build a team of industry experts. Our team takes care of exploring new products, coming up with reliable and accurate reviews and the best options in the market. The comparative analysis of different factors of top vacuum sealers empowers the readers to make good purchasing decisions. This is how we help our audience to make informed decisions.

In the beginning, I had no idea that my mission of serving other people would result in creating the largest knowledgebase on vacuum sealers. The feedback from the audience confirmed the effectiveness of our expert’s advice and the value we are delivering to readers. Its truly inspirational for me to read emails from readers, who tell me about their successful purchasing experiences. The stories of their desires getting fulfilled and excitement of finally finding the budget friendly products take my breath away. I myself feel a sense of fulfillment by knowing that our reviews and expert’s advice is helping many people to make good purchasing decisions.

My readers often ask me what else I like besides running my website on vacuum sealers. I love music and don’t mind shaking leg on some special songs. It keeps my creative juices flowing and makes me able to be of service to others. I love to create and experiment, I hope you are having a great time with your vacuum sealer!

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