Tips To Use A Vacuum Sealer Efficiently

Vacuum Sealer for HomeInvesting on vacuum sealer is very common especially in the commercial sector for a small store. This is a type of machine that helps to store food for a long time period without being wasted.

At the same time, a vacuum sealer can not only save your thousands of dollars but also offer you fresh food. For that reason, having the sealing machine is an advantage for your kitchen. However, many of you do know the exact way to use a vacuum sealer efficiently.

If you do not know the way of using the sealing machine, this will become a problem for storing food. Moreover, you may not choose the right way to use the machine for storing your food for a long time.

For that reason, here are the tips that can save your vacuum sealer machine for a long time and give efficient result

8 Tips to use a Vacuum Sealer efficiently

1. Vacuum Sealer can’t help to prevent spoil

The machine does not help the user to prevent food from being spoiled. It helps to store food for a long time but you also need to keep the food in the right place to get the expected result.

Vacuuming meat and keep them in the kitchen will never help you to prevent it from being spoiled. In fact, you need to vacuum the meat and keep it in the refrigerator. By using the machine for meat, you can expect to get pure and fresh meat whenever you want.

Vacuuming meat is not like you keep meat in the can. In fact, this will suck out the air in order to keep food fresh for a long time.

2. Avoid to Use Liquid Foods to Seal

Vacuum sealer is such kind of machine that works by sucking out all air in the bag. For that reason, this could not work well for the liquid foods especially soup or stews.

If you are using liquid foods for sealing, this could be harmful to the mechanism. Moreover, this could also reduce the lifetime of the sealing machine rapidly.

3. How to seal liquid foods?

The best way to seal liquid foods is to freeze it for a long time and then, use them for vacuuming. Remember that it can suck out the liquid of your food. If you freeze the liquid food, this will not have any bad effect on the mechanism at all.

4. Don’t overfill the bag

Don’t overfill the bagConsidering the bag filling method is also important to seal it efficiently. Many of us do not care about the filling of the bags. This is a proper way to refill the bag and leave a couple of inches of the bag empty.
According to the vacuum sealer experts, every user should leave at least three inches of the bag in order to seal this properly. If you are intending to reseal the bag after use, you need to keep extra spaces for the bags.

Leaving five inches may provide you 2-3 times resealing same bag to save your cost and bulk sealing. If you overfill a bag, this will damage the sealing as well as the machine can’t suck air properly.

5. Use the Recommended bags only

Many of the users do not use the recommended vacuum bags at all. Moreover, some of you want to make your own bags use in the sealing process.

Most of the brands do not recommend using your own bags because every model has a design to sealing bags. If you are not using the optimal bags of the model, you may not get efficient and perfect sealing to store foods at all. Read our tips for choosing the best vacuum sealer bag here.

6. Avoid Wrinkled Bags

Another important factor while choosing bags is to choose smooth bags only. Sometimes, you may not keep the bags in a good place and it catches wrinkles.

Therefore, this has become a problem for the bags if the wrinkles are in the sealing area. In this type of conditions, you must avoid those wrinkled bags in order to get good sealing. The wrinkled bags are residual air in the bag that works against good storage.

7. Don’t open the bag in case of wrong sealing

Sometimes your vacuum sealer may not seal the bags properly. In this case, you should not open the bag to change it. In fact, you can choose 1-inch lower of the previous sealing area to seal it again.

Opening the bag and changing this will need a couple of minutes. Moreover, this could waste a bag too! Therefore, follow the proper refilling bag tip in the article to avoid any problem when the bag is not sealed properly!

8. Prepare your non-food Items before Sealing

Handi-Vac vacuum freezer bagsWhile you are using non-food items like books or any type of small materials in the plastic bag, you need to take extra care for them. Strong points of the items could easily puncture the plastic bags and cause problems.

For that reason, you can use small towel or tissue papers in order to keep them between the sharp item and plastic bags. As a result, your bag will be safe from any type of puncture problems.

So, here are the top tips that will let you use the vacuum sealer machine efficiently. Do not forget to follow each of the items because working properly can only lead your machine a durable process.

Remember that the more care you will take for your sealing machine, the more durable service it will give you.

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