Tips to Select the Right Vacuum sealer Type to Protect Food

Many of the users do not know the differences between vacuum sealer and vacuum cleaner. Although the word is very popular and well known in the world, still people face the confusion.

To end up the confusion, note that vacuum sealer is using for preserving the food for a long time. You can not only preserve the meal but also grocery store products. Cereals, smoked fish crisps, nuts are some of the items that can be stored using the machine.

VonShef Vacuum Food Saver and Sealer System

But, buying the sealer and using this for household or commercial use is not the only thing that you need to know. Before buying the sealing machine, you must notice some of the characters of the vacuum sealing to get proper service.

  • What is the reason of using the vacuum sealer?
  • Are you looking for personal food storage or commercial purpose?
  • What is the type of the food that you would like to preserve?
  • What types of bags would you like to use for storing food?

As soon as you set up mind for vacuum sealer purchase, you will require thinking about the answers of the questions. But, the answers will only let you to select the best vacuum sealer machine for your home or industry.

However, choosing the right type of vacuum sealer is also important to maximize the advantage of using this.

Vacuum Sealer Types

There are two types of sealing machine in the market from which you need to buy one. However, both of the sealers provide extreme sealing feature but has different aspects. For that reason, choosing the right type for your personal or commercial use is the first and foremost thing.

  • External Sealer
  • Chamber Sealer

The main purpose of the sealing machine is to suck air in order to preserve food. However, the aspects are different and they are expert for different platforms. For that reason, the durability and performance of the sealing will be dependent on choosing the right type of the machine.

External Vacuum Sealer

This type of the sealing machine can but used both in home and commercial use. However, most of the models of this type of machine are used at home. Normally, the industrial usable of the machines are designed differently in order to get the maximum advantage.

Terms of using the sealer machine-

  • External Vacuum SealerFirst select the bag and put the food into it. You have to let the open of the end part of the bag.
  • The sealer will suck the air of the plastic bag within a short time. The time will be depended on the model and you will get it with the feature list. External vacuum sealer machine always seal the end portion of the bag.

Remember that the sealing machine does not use to seal the upper portion of the back. For that reason, always put the back end of the bag on the sealing area in order to seal it properly.

On the other hand, some of the items cannot be used for sealing using the machine appropriately. For that reason, do not use the chips or crisps bags in order to seal using the external machine?

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The biggest advantage of the sealing machine is to seal a large number of bags at a time to reduce the time consumption. For that reason, this is the type of machine that is highly recommended for the commercial purposes. The departmental stores and food stores are recommended to use the vacuum sealer instead of using an external model.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Terms of using the sealer machine-

  • Prepare your food to inset into the special bags of the chamber vacuum sealer.
  • The hood of the sealer machine needs to be down in order to start the process. As soon as you will pool the hood down, this will suck almost full air of the bag.
  • Now the bags will be ready to store if you use them for personal use. Moreover, use the multi bag sealing machine for your industrial use to complete the sealing process within a short time.

On the chamber sealing machine, you will have a choice to adjust the level of the air suction. There is an inert gas that helps to remove the air of the bags. For that reason, you can easily adjust the level of the air removal of the bag according to your need.

This is important to use the sealing machine properly and efficiently. Remember that the usage of the sealer depends on the type of the machines. For that reason, you need to be sure that you are okay with the machine usages. If you are not going well with the machine, see the guideline or instruction on the product book or over internet.

As long as your use purpose similar with the vacuum sealer, you must go with the machine. Although the features may be different from model to model, the external sealers are for personal use and chamber is for industrial use.

For that reason, make the proper selection of the type of the machine while thinking to buy a sealer for your kitchen. Don’t forget to consider the questions that mentioned at the beginning of the article.

The first questions are for selecting the best sealer and second considerations are for selecting the right type of the machines.

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