How to maintain vacuum sealer and to keep it safe?

CleaningIn our daily lives, we deal with handling wastage of many important things and preserving them in order to get the most of them. These may include water, electricity, paper, food and other countless things.

We always try to opt for one way or another to avoid wastage of such prominent substances. When we talk about food and other kitchen items then Vacuum Sealer is the best kitchen appliance that can be used to prevent the spoilage of eatables and preserve them for a longer time.

How a vacuum sealer works?

Vacuum Sealer is a machine offered with several models and from different brands that is used in kitchen at home as well as restaurants, hotels and eateries. How is Vacuum Sealer a food saver?

Well, it is a food saver as it packages and seals food in sealing bags with no oxygen in it. And then the bags of food can be stored in freezer or refrigerator. With no air in the bags, it saves food from bacteria and fungi for a longer period of time.

Why is it necessary to maintain a vacuum sealer?

We can use this appliance to seal any food that ranges from leftovers dough, ingredients, fruits, soups, chicken, meats, to dry materials like sugar, rice, flour, pulses and much more.

It becomes needed to maintain the vacuum sealer when being used to serve such a wide range. Cleaning it after every use guarantees the long life of this machine same as it itself guarantees for the longer life of food. Let’s discuss how we can keep it clean and maintain it for its effectiveness and intact performance.


Tips to clean a vacuum sealer

  • To clean the vacuum sealer, you should use water and mild soap. Never use harsh cleaners made of chemicals as they can affect the sealing process by harming the sealing bags.
  • Never use wet rag to clean the vacuum sealer as it can put an adverse effect on its working. Cleaning with wet rag will make the machine wet and can damage it. So always dampen the rag to clean the areas like vacuum channel, trays and switches.
  • Once you clean the appliance, don’t forget to wipe the leftovers of the soap from it. Otherwise this will make the appliance sticky and let the dirt and bacteria stick on it and this will even become more difficult to remove it next time you will clean the vacuum cleaner. So just rinse the rag off and squash out the excess water from it. Now wipe out the appliance with this rag.
  • It is better to wipe it again with a dry rag to make sure that all the water has been cleaned up from the machine. If water will reside in the machine it might lead to an electric shock and can damage it completely.


These were the tips to clean the vacuum cleaner, so always clean it whenever you make use of it. Cleaning it after every use will also keep the ants away from it and you can maintain sophistication around it.

You might get confused sometimes with the instructions to use the vacuum sealer or may face some problems using it. Or you might not be able to understand how to operate it at some particular times.

Here are the types of the problems you could come across while making use of this machine and their solutions that you can apply whenever needed.

  • Not able to understand red light – While using this machine you may see the red light on vacuum sealer machine. If this light is on then you will not be able to seal the bags. To get rid of such situation press cancel button twice as it turns off the red light, and then you can seal another bag.
  • Problem in inserting the bag– Sometimes you may face with the problem that bags not getting inserted into the vacuum sealer. This may happen because of some of the parts of the appliance may not be appropriately placed in the machine. So if this happens just check out and place the parts like each of the trays, gaskets etc firmly to their original parts.
  • Vacuum sealer not working on mason jars– There are a number of things like jam, pickle, sauce etc. that you cannot always store in normal sealer bags and you have to keep them in mason jars.


Fortunately you can seal mason jars too if your machine is compatible with the same. If it works on the mason jars then you need to take care of the following points when you store items in mason jars –

  • Sealing mason bars needs accessory hose to be attached to the rim of the Mason jar. So you always have to be careful that accessory hose is well attached to the vacuum sealer machine as well as to the Mason jar.
  • Make sure that the rubber gasket (to which accessory hose is attached) that is used to seal the jar is having no food debris.
  • The rim of the Mason jar should not be cracked. Otherwise it will not be sealed properly.
  • Metal lid of the Mason jar should not be bent.

Which side of the sealing bag should be placed on the sealing bar?

  • It is important to know that which side of the sealing bag should be kept on sealing bar. Sealing bag has one rough side and other side is smooth.
  • The rough side should be placed on the sealing bar.

This is how you can resolve some problems related to its use. Vacuum sealer is useful not only in preserving food for a longer time but also you can use it for other purposes.

You can use it to seal bags of anything like you can keep some of your important documents, your jewelry, and clothes when you are planning for a trip etc.

So keep using your vacuum sealer and keep it clean and maintain it for its long life.

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