How a jar vacuum sealer machine can be used for sealing mason jars?

Vacuum sealer is a popular kitchen appliance that is used for sealing food in plastic bags. However, there are some special models that can be used to seal mason jars and other containers. So, you need to buy special jar vacuum sealer machine if you wish to seal a mason jar.

If you are finding it difficult to store liquid or dry foods in a plastic bag, then you should use a mason jar. You can easily store liquids, sauces and dry food in a ajar and special vacuum sealer models will provide an air tight seal, which will allow you to safely store food. In this article we will be discussing about the procedure to seal a mason jar. So, let’s have a look at the step by step procedure for sealing a jar:

There are several steps that need to be executed perfectly in order to seal a jar. However, the steps involved are quite similar to seal a plastic bag, but are a little bit complicated.

Prepare your jar

First of all you need to prepare your jar in order to make sure no problem is caused during the sealing process. While sealing plastic bags, you need to leave some space in order to obtain better results. Similarly, you should leave at least one inch space in a jar to get better results. If you do not leave any space, then you will face major problems in the suction process, which will not seal the jar perfectly.

jar vacuum sealer machine

Attach the jar sealing accessories carefully

You need to carefully attach the jar sealing accessories for perfect results. It is one the simplest process as you need to attach the accessories on the close mouth of a jar. However, you need to keep some important things in mind such as you need to push the accessories to the neck of the jar for proper suction.

Attach the air extraction tube

The air extraction tube is responsible for establishing a connection between the jar and jar vacuum sealer machine. So, you should carefully attach the air extraction tube because a loose connection will result in poor suction, which will not seal the jar perfectly. So, properly attach the back end of the air extraction tube in the vacuum sealer.

Turn on the machine

The last step is to turn on the vacuum sealer to start the sealing process. However, before turning on the machine make sure all the connections are made properly because a poor connection will affect the sealing process. If your vacuum sealer operates automatically, then you do not need to turn on and turn off the machine and if it works manually, then you need to turn on/off the machine and adjust the speed.

So, follow the method mentioned above in order to seal jar and other containers. If you properly follow the method mentioned above and take all the precautions, then you can easily seal the jar and safely store food for a long period of time.

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