FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System

FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System
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  • Rugged Design with integrated carrying handle for on-the-go use
  • 80 Consecutive Seals
  • Compact Size with Easy Touch Button Operation
  • 6' Long Power Cord; 15' Long 12Volt Adapter Cord
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems are engineered to work best with FoodSaver bags and rolls


Just consider the situation when you look for a perfect solution to keep the excessive amount of pizza that remained after you had your lunch. You cannot throw the pizza into the bin for the cause of those cheesy crusts. What is the perfect thing you should do? For such circumstance, you must look for the best vacuum sealer. Among the available ones, one of the trustworthy choices is FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System.

Before you add such kit to the list of your kitchen appliances, you must study about the available vacuum sealer reviews. Actually, it will help you a lot to get the best vacuum sealer for your kitchen for fulfilling your varieties of purposes. Through this article, we will describe a complete review about the mentioned vacuum sealing device. Read the whole review to discover the unique points and unknown features about this awesome kitchen appliance.


Vacuum sealer kit for the sportsmen

FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing SystemThe FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System has been manufactured especially for the hunters as well as the fishermen who work really hard for their jobs. They would never want to have their foods as wastage after the day’s hard work and efforts.

Quiet and Powerful Tool

It is a very powerful device that ensures the seal without keeping any air in the bag. At the same time, this sealing device works in the most efficient way without making any loud noise.

Wide Sealing Feature

This device seals the bag keeping a wider strip which ensures a layer of added protection that helps to ensure the air-tight sealing for keeping the foods fresh for hours after hours.

Well-built Sealing Option For Food Storing

The vacuum of the FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System works quickly and strongly at the same time. One of the main features of this sealing kit is that there is built in cutter that can customize bags according to the amount of food you want to store. In comparison to other available sealing device, this GameSaver can work efficiently for handling the heavier jobs.

Hands Free Usage

You just need to push a button to activate this best vacuum sealer. The built in feature will detect your command, create an air-tight sealing and then, it will seal the bags with your foods. You may have to push the sealer for a few seconds so that the sealing procedure can be accurately done. When the sealing is done, the motor will automatically stop running.

Benefits of the GameSaver

FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System Benefit

The FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System can be claimed as the best vacuum sealer because of the following pieces of benefits.
This GameSaver kit, in fact, is a device that is designed with the touch of prettiness.
The vacuum area has been given a larger area so that you can store any amount of food you want.
The size of this machine is really very attractive meaning a smaller one and, it lets you the option of keeping it in any corner of your kitchen.
For keeping your food fresh for a longer period of time, this sealing device acts as the most efficient tool.
The press&release function gives you the handsfree feature that automatically seals newly bought vegetables, game beef and seafood with special air-tight sealing.
This GameSaver can also be used to give a complete safeguard to the clothing items and related products like the first-aid kits for the sportsmen.
The affordable pricing has made this FoodSaver the best vacuum sealer.

Pros & Cons

In comparison to the pros of the FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System, there are only a few cons which are mentioned below:


  • Simple one touch feature enabled
  • Dishwasher-safe, Detachable and Patented tray
  • Smaller in size for easy convenient option
  • Gives a perfect finishing while sealing the bags for enabling complete safeguard to the foods
  • A warranty period of 10 years


  • The only negative side of this GameSaver is that you cannot use it for storing larger amount of ration. In that case, you have to create multiple bags instead of one single bag

Customer Review

For the last 5-6 months, I have been using the FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System. And, I can undoubtedly rate it as the best vacuum sealer. Previously, I had another model of such device and the problem I had to face at that time was to perform every operation manually which was really very annoying to me. When I had reviewed the available models, I found this GameSaver vacuum sealing device and now, I am completely satisfied. I mean to say that I have brought precisely what I wanted. For saving my time and money, this sealing device is really helping me a load.

I want to say one last thing that is “The value I am getting from it cannot be compared to the money I spent for it.”


You must follow the instructions below while using your new FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System
While you will seal the bag, make sure to keep a gap of an inch between the rim and the contents.
Before trying to seal anything, you must check recheck that the bag is completely clean and dry as well.
You should keep lid upon the canister, or, the container. Also, use a stopper while using a bottle.
If your accessories contain a button on the cover, then make sure you use the button as a vacuum sealer. And, after you are done with the vacuum cleaning thing, make sure you shut the button as fast as possible so that you can get rid of the Hose Pipe.
You should always keep the GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Device completely neat and clean.
Keep this sealing device out of the reach of your children to avoid unexpected accidents.


The FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System can be claimed as the ideal sealing system which is powerful and potential enough for completing the heavy duty tasks. You can undoubtedly select this sealing device as a new item in the list of your kitchen appliances. You can also check and study other vacuum sealer reviews for getting more information about the best vacuum sealer.

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