FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 Vacuum Food Sealer Review

FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit
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Review Summary:

  • CrushFree Instant Seal helps protect delicate foods during sealing process
  • Extra Wide Sealing Strip seals rolls for custom sized bags
  • Starter Kit Contains (1) 11" x 10' FoodSaver® Roll, (3) Quart Size, (2) Gallon Size FoodSaver® Bags, & (1) Accessory Hose
  • Accessory port and hose (included) vacuum seals canisters and marinates food in minutes
  • 1-year limited warranty

FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit is a stunning sealer machine with so many wonderful features. You will have a good vacuum sealing experience using the machine along with affordable price. The air tight sealing capability with starter kit will give you long time food storage as well as save nutrients and minerals of the food. You will have fresh and tasty food in every meal.


Amazing design with starter kit

FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15The design of the vacuum sealer is excellent for a personal kitchen. The black color along with the interior design is perfect to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Moreover, the machine offers starter kit including roll and pre-sized bags so that you can start sealing as soon as you reach home with it!

Air-tight sealing with easy to understand control panel

The vacuum sealer ensures to provide you air-tight sealing process in order to keep the food save for a long time. Moreover, the control panel is very easy to understand especially for the new users of the sealing machine. Just read the manual instruction once and you will be expert in it.

Easy to use latch locker & Hose accessories

The latch locker is smooth and easy to use while sealing the bags. On the other hand, you will get all essential hose accessories in the vacuum sealer. Therefore, sealing the mason jars and canister is as easy as you drink water!

Wide vacuum sealing area with auto shutdown

The vacuum sealing area is enough wide in order to use the custom sized bags. Moreover, the machine will auto shutdown as soon as the sealing process is completed. Therefore, there will be no risk of overheated of the machine too.

Benefit of using FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15

Purchasing and using the FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 vacuum sealer is really amazing for any person. This is perfect design for the personal kitchen and enhances the capability and power of saving food.
Crush-Free Instant Sealing Option: Preserving delicate items specially chips and other related items can easily be sealed using the vacuum sealer. This is the machine that ensures to seal the bags without damaging the delicate items. For that reason, this is an open opportunity to the delicate item lovers to buy in bulk quantity, save money and preserve them by sealing

Pros & Cons


  • Perfectly designed for personal kitchen
  • A crush-free instant sealing machine
  • Ensures to provide air-tight sealing process
  • Removal drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Accessory port to use hose accessories
  • Easy to use and understand for the first time vacuum sealer users


  • The vacuum sealer needs time to cool down the motor
  • Those users who like automatic operation will not prefer the sealer

Customer Review

This is my first vacuum sealer for my personal kitchen. Before buying the FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 vacuum sealer, many of my friends argue not to buy the model. However, I have not faced any problem in the vacuum sealer; in fact, this is a money saving model for people like me who have low budget. The crush-free sealing option is perfect for my family because my kids love to eat chips and other delicate items. Love the model!

Installation instructions

You will not have any problem if you are an old user of the vacuum sealers. If you are the first user, you will also face no trouble using the sealing machine.

You will need to unlock the latch locker in order to use the lid and place the prepared vacuum sealer bag in the channel. Then, lock the latch and start sealing by using the control panel. Use the options according to your need and start the sealing process.


You will have a drip tray that you can remove and clean in order to keep the machine dirt and bad smell free. On the other hand, use the cotton or paper towel in order to clean the dust over the machine. Remember that dust on the machine for a long time can cause troubleshoot to the internal mechanism.


The vacuum sealer is perfectly made for the personal kitchen use because of its design, stunning color combination and features. You will have accessory port along with wide sealing area for custom size bag sealing. Moreover, the starter kit of the vacuum sealer will always provide you a quick action using the machine. According to the manufacture, you will have a long time food storage capability without losing its freshness, taste and nutrients.

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