How to Choose Right Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer?

If you have been into vacuum sealing different food products then you might already know about the Foodsaver brand. It’s the most popular vacuum sealing brand in the mainstream according to many Foodsaver reviews. Foodsaver has proven experience in the vacuum sealing industry and provides a variety of external vacuum sealers at a very reasonable rate. It’s a very easy to use and reliable brand for home users. However, commercial users would be disappointed, since it doesn’t produce chamber type sealers for commercial use.

Before making a purchase, its always wise to look into as much information about the product as possible. Many of the customers’ complains arise just because the products they buy don’t match their expectations and it’s a great loss of time and money, plus the reputation of the brand also gets affected.

However, there are also many bad models of this brand. Especially, when it comes to durability we advise our readers to really run far away from some models. On the other hand, there are also some excellent models of foodsaver, which are worth every penny you spend. Low price is an unavoidable temptation but for a reality check, lets consider a cheap product on which you would have to spend twice the amount for maintenance. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be tempted for low price if that’s the case. So be careful when it comes to making a purchase decision. Having very bad experiences with sealing machines would really discourage you to buy any vacuum sealer at all in the future. Of course, that would be a shame and very unfortunate for you, since vacuum sealers are a must for your modern kitchen needs.maxresdefault

Well, if you want to know what could be the best choice in various models of Foodsaver then you must dig deeper and we have also made Foodsaver comparisons for that. First of all you need to know that Foodsaver is among the best vacuum sealing brands. Foodsaver sealers are very versatile and their starter kit is just a mind-blowing addition. Many of Foodsaver models also provide you manual mode to help you seal most moist food conveniently. Also, the main benefit of manual mode is that it prevents the delicate food in the sealing bags from crushing under the influence of vacuum. There are many other options that can provoke you to make a quick purchasing decision. Like rapid marinate mode is just stunning. It marinates the food within minutes. Furthermore, many of Foodsaver vacuum sealers have additional features like an external hose for sealing canisters.

Whatever the features and specifications Foodsaver brand is providing you, one of the best things about it is the ease of use. All you have to do most of the times is to insert the food bag into the vacuum sealer’s mouth and push the start button. If the machine is automatic it will always be this process, however, for manual mode you would need to follow some additional but very simple steps.

best-foodsaver-vacuum-sealerFor choosing the right Foodsaver vacuum sealer, you must also consider the vacuum bags. Though you can always buy pre-cut vacuum bags according to your size requirements, but some models of Foodsaver are also offering bag roll cutters. There is a space in most of the Foodsaver models, where you can place the bag roll and cut it with the slider. The best thing about this solution is that its extremely smooth process and you get to choose the size of bags you want.

We must tell you another excellent thing about Foodsaver vacuum sealing system – its an excellent choice for home users. If you have made the right choice then there are great chances that your home eating habits are going to improve. Also, your grocery budgets are going to be low.  The decent choice will always serve you for years without a single problem. Isn’t that amazing? Many of its features and designs are especially for domestic use. So if you are the housekeeper and want to make your life easier then bringing in the right Foodsaver vacuum sealer would be a great step.

The versatility of Foodsaver models is another factor you can count on while making the right choice. The company offers its users a number of food container options. Though most of the containers need to be separately purchased and a few also need additional accessories like a hose.

Vacuum sealing food in plastic bags is one of the oldest methods. These plastic bags are usually cut from a plastic roll stored in the vacuum sealing unit. Foodsaver also provides this option as mentioned above. These plastic rolls provided by Foodsaver models are BPA free and mostly used for long-term storage in the freezer. There are also standard sized sealing bags available for the Foodsaver. Though they are more convenient in use than plastic rolls but are little bit expensive.

Foodsaver is also famous for developing a line of reusable plastic containers, particularly used for short-term refrigeration or pantry storage. Though, these plastic containers don’t hold vacuum seal for a long time but they are quite convenient in use and also save lots of money. Foodsaver models also work well with plastic canisters, which are mostly used for storing cookies and other foods for quick consumption. These are not refrigerated mostly.

Another option for storing food with Foodsaver vacuum sealers is mason jars. Foodsaver also provide accessories to effectively vacuum seal mason jars. Mason jars are quite durable, inexpensive and very environment friendly, so most of the Foodsaver users prefer these for the right food options.

Zipper bags are one of a kind innovative option when it comes to sealing food with Foodsaver. Though these zipper bags offer short-term storage for food but are very convenient in use, especially when it comes to seal and reseal.

However, apart from all the suggestions we would especially recommend that while purchasing a Foodsaver vacuum sealer you must keep your expectations real.

Many of the users just feel disappointed because they develop unrealistic expectations like “vacuum sealing would reverse the deterioration process of food” or “vacuum sealing is a replacement for canning”.

We hope all the above-mentioned information will help you make the right choice regarding Foodsaver vacuum sealers. Stay informed!

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