Chamber vacuum sealer works smoothly and offers amazing performance

Chamber style vacuum sealers are quite large in size as compared to other vacuum sealers, but are relatively better in the sealing process. With the help of a powerful vacuum pump, these sealers can seal multiple packets of food within seconds. However, these sealers are a little bit expensive, but are still commonly used especially in restaurants. Let’s have a look at the working of chamber vacuum sealer which will help you to take complete advantage of this useful vacuum sealer

Complete the packing process

Before starting the sealing process, it’s important that you pack the food perfectly. The best method to pack food is to double fold the top of the bag as it will make sure the bag remains clean where it is sealed which will keep the food healthy. A Single fold will not have a strong bond which might lead to leakage of food. So, always fold the top of the bag twice in order to establish a strong sealing bond.

Place the packet into chamber sealer

Once you are done with the packing process, the next step is to place the packet into the chamber sealer to start the sealing process. While placing the packet make sure the top of the packet which is folded twice goes into the sealing bar and the edges of the packet is not outside the chamber. Now, close the lid and allow the vacuum pump to start the sealing process.

If the bag comes out of the chamber during the sealing process, then the air will enter the food packet because of which the bag will begin to sell because of the high temperature and as a result the bag might burst out. So, keep an eye on the bag during the vacuum sealing cycle and make sure the bag doesn’t come out of the chamber.

chamber vacuum sealer

Final step of sealing process

Once the vacuum sealing cycle is completed, the bag needs to be sealed tightly so that the air do not enter the packet again. With the help of heat sealing bars, you can tightly pack the food packet. The more sealing bar stays hot, more plastic will be melted. So, do not over heat the food packet as two, three seconds is more than enough to seal the food packet tightly.

Since, the job of sealing bars is over now the lid opens and the chamber is refilled with air and is ready to seal another packet.

This is the complete sealing cycle of a chamber vacuum sealer. The process is quite complicated as compared to the sealing cycle of other sealers as in other sealers you just need to place the packet and push the button to seal the packets. However, if you use this vacuum sealer then there is no chance that air will rush back into the packet and a perfect temperature is maintained inside the bag which keeps the food healthy for a long time.

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