Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Oil Pump – VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215 Review

VacMaster Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Oil Pump - Stainless Steel VP215
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  • Model #: VP215
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Color: Silver
  • Extends Shelf Life Of Food Products
  • Commercial Chamber Technology

The VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215 is marked as a quiet and fast sealing machine which has the capability to deliver superior performance. This vacuum sealer has been remarked has one of the most popular machines for the home uses, but it is that much sturdy and powerful enough for being a perfect an ideal fit for the small restaurants and other similar businesses.

In this article, we will be trying to explain almost all the facets of this stainless steel vacuum sealer. In order to know more of this machine, you must read the rest of this review.

Features of VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215

The Oil Pump

One of the most special attractions of this vacuum sealing machine is the oil pump. There cannot be found any other type of sealer that currently has any oil pump in it. You can get some advantages because of the oil pump with this sealing device.

These are like the following:
Speed: Works quicker than the dry-pumps.
Processing of large batch: Without being over-heated, it can run on a continuous basis for handling the larger batches of sealing operations.
The level of Noise: Surprisingly quieter than that of the dry pumps.

Wider and Reliable Sealing

When you have the VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215, then you do not need to worry about the quality of the sealing. The wider mouth of this sealing machine can give a reliable sealing with the 10 inches sealing-bar.

Simple to use

This can be regarded as another primary feature of this stainless steel vacuum sealing device. The whole process of performing the sealing operation is very simple. And, you can easily adopt the process once you read the user manual.

Benefits of VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215

One of the most unique benefits you can get from this vacuum sealer is the lower sort of noise level created by it. If you compare the noise creation created by the dry pumps, then you will find the noticeable difference.
With this VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215, you get a steady player which can work on a continuous basis without even taking any rest. So, you can choose this device as the ideal device for handling the sealing operations in your restaurant or, other small business.
This vacuum sealer can be the standard one for getting the most standard type of packaging for storing all types of food items including both dry & liquid foods.
You will get the easy-to-operate digital control panel for giving the sealing commands along with observing each step of the sealing operation.

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy unit and quality construction
  • Deliver air-tight sealing on a continuous manner
  • Ideal sealer for the liquid food items
  • Runs quieter and quicker than the dry pumps
  • Oil pump is perfect for heavy use
  • No need for the cool down period
  • Limited warranty for a period of 1 year


  • Kind of very big in size
  • Not much easy to move because of the heavy weight
  • The oil pump section requires maintenance
  • Kind of expensive vacuum sealer

Customer Review

I purchased the VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215 around 5-6 months from now. Actually, I run a small restaurant business where I require the air-tight sealing for both the dry & liquid food items. After purchasing this stainless steel vacuum sealer, my workload has been lessened to a great extent. My workers in the kitchen praised highly for this vacuum sealing machine.

​Actually, I usually get a high volume of food orders from my regular customers. So, aperfect sealer is the most needed element for running my business successfully. And, this Stainless Steel VP215 has been serving as the perfect one for handling the sealing jobs in my kitchen.

Really, this can be the best vacuum sealer I have ever used so for. I will give a 9 out of 10 for the overall performance of this vacuum sealer.​

Instructions for Maintenance

There is one very important thing you have to remember for the oil pump unit of this vacuum sealer. You must have to change the oil of the oil pump unit after the use of 1st 25 hours of a new VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215. After that, you can change the oil after a period of 60 hours. The other necessary guidelines can be found in the user manual which you will get at the time of purchasing.


Although the VacMaster Stainless Steel VP215 has 1-2 drawbacks, but this vacuum sealer can be the ideal one for your small restaurant along with the household uses. If you want to buy the best vacuum sealer for you, then you can also study other vacuum sealer reviews.

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