Best FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 2015

FoodSaver Brand is the number one food sealing vacuum brand in the housewares industry. The top of the line vacuum sealers are passing competitors due to their vast variety of models as well as the quality of manufacturing all components from the machines to the bags and rolls that accompany them. Other than the vacuum sealing systems, there are very durable containers and jar sealers that are available for any household. No matter what is needed to be stored away, dry goods or wet left-overs; the brand is sure to provide top notch essentials that are easy to use.
Recent reviews have confirmed that the FoodSaver is getting overall the highest scores among its competitors. Other sealing systems such as VacMaster, Weston, GameSaver and Oliso have been tested and the results speak for themselves.

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Design (5/5):

As far as design goes, FoodSaver stole the first place, probably due to its abundant variations, from the classical white to the stainless steel/black finish, or maybe even the unique tone like its FoodSaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System! Other than the great colors, the sleek designs are very eye-catching and the styles can suit pretty much any kitchen.

Portability (3/5):

When portability was questioned, FoodSaver ranked third among the five competitors. Other brands like Oliso and GameSaver took the lead on this one, since their devices are much smaller and light-weight. Some of the models that these competitors have can even fit into a drawer, therefore they are easier to take along into the forests with the other hunting essentials. Nonetheless, if you are taking your sealer along on a fishing or a hunting trip or just using it at home, consider all the factors that you need, and maybe design will outweigh the small size that the contendors have.

Ease of Use (3/5):

Gamesaver and Weston stole the lead on ease of use, probably due to less options that their appliances have. FoodSaver has many varieties which are manually or automatically operated, and thus may take some time getting used to. Once someone masters the tricks of the trade, the digitalized control panels should pose no problems at all.

Functional Versatility (4/5):

FoodSaver came back and placed second for its functional versatility. Although the competitor, VacMaster took first place on this one, it is still scoring high. The vast variety of sealing functions,  like external vacuum sealer vs the internal vacuum sealer are still preferred over the other three brands. Although it may not be first on the list, there are still many things people are finding can help with their food storage needs. Maybe less is more when it comes to the perfect seal, and unnecessary functions like temperature measure may not be something that everyone is looking for.

Powerful (3/5):

When comparing how powerful vacuum sealers each brand had, the FoodSaver came up third. This is the middle ranking which just proves that it is keeping up to industry standards. Some people prefer more powerful machines, others are all right with weaker motors, getting an overall avarage rating just proves that everyone is unique and there is no one machine to fit all expectations. Although the FoodSaver models may not  be the ones with the most muscle, the quality of the finished storage may outweigh this disadvantage.


Overall FoodSaver is getting the best rankings among its four competitors in the market. This just proves that it may not be coming up in first place when portability or ease of use is concerned, but it is definitely the most reliable machine for anyone that is looking for great storage of whatever goods that they will be using it for. As far as design and functional versatility goes, scoring the first and second place just shows that the brand is paying attention to the styles that customers are looking for. Getting more out of a machine than just a simple seal is always positive,  making sure that different functions are available is second priority to the FoodSaver brand. This is not a bad thing, since what more do you really want than a chic new appliance in your kitchen that everyone will ask about, which provides you with all kinds of options for storing away everything you can think of.

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