Best External Vacuum Sealer Reviews

External vacuum sealers are an absolute favorite for home users. These are the consumer appliance with two biggest advantages for your kitchen use. Firstly, these types of vacuum sealers are very convenient in use. Secondly, they don’t consume much space in your kitchen. Perhaps, these are the two biggest plus points that make these external vacuum sealers an absolute favorite for many home users.
As a home user, you might want to store the left-over meals or bulk grocery purchases. An excellent external vacuum sealer makes sure that your sealed meals and grocery items are kept fresh for longer times in fridge. It increases their ability to stay fresh up to 5x. There are also other types of external vacuum sealers which can be effectively employed to vacuum seal certain other items of your kitchen or pantry. So you won’t need to create a storage space free of moisture and impurities to ensure freshness of different household items.

Top 5 Best External Vacuum Sealers

Top External Vacuum Sealer Reviews

1. FoodSaver V3835 Automatic Vacuum Sealer:

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

For daily kitchen use, this external vacuum sealer can be your best choice. It’s a brand new design from FoodSaver. In fact, its an upgrade model of previous ones from FoodSaver. Its more simplified and cost-effective than the previous ones. In this new upgraded model you would notice an LED status indicator, automatic operation, so many configurations and choices, and also some very new innovations in the design and functionality.

  • Pros: Affordable, dry and wet seal, SmartSeal automatic sealing process, durable.
  • Cons: Wastes a lot, make mistakes in reading the bag.

2. Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer:

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

If you want to seal larger vacuum bags then it can be your best choice. Its reliable and massive in structure. You would just need to create enough space for it in your kitchen countertop and its large heating system will allow you to seal 5 to 11 inches bags. It’s a complete blend of awesome simplicity and excellent performance. Weston 2300 stainless steel is a Taiwan imported commercial grade design. This vacuum sealer is capable of sealing almost anything as long as it fits into a Weston bag. So seal whatever you want, your meals, veggies, fruits, sous vide cooking and cutlery items all will taste fresh as long as you are using Weston pro 2300.

  • Pro: Stainless steel body, large heating system, heavy duty pump and motor.
  • Cons: Limited warranty period, massive structure, doesn’t work with jars and canisters.

3. Foodsaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vaccum Seale

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

In case, you love to have an automatic and easy to use vacuum sealer on a very reasonable price then this product can be your absolute favorite. Its downright non-bulky and utterly simple in use, price is also something you would love about this product by FoodSaver. You know what this external vacuum sealer is a complete package. It has two levels of sealing, two speeds of vacuum, an auto-detection system, an LED progress indicators and lots of many other high-end features which you completely adore. Let us confess that it has also a complete starter kit, which can make it a great utility appliance for your kitchen.

  • Pros: Automatic, handheld sealer, lightweight, convenient, stylish design, dry and wet food auto-detector.
  • Cons: Activation sensor is often time-consuming, difficulty in getting started with the machine.

4. VacMaster PRO350 Suction Vacuum Sealer:

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

It’s a perfect choice for any home user who wants to save money. Its offering you many great features on a very nominal price. Its double seal feature creates a lasting seal that keeps your food fresh for a long time. It has also a roll dispensing system that can hold two bag rolls simultaneously and cut them in 8 and 11.5 inches bags with a two way built-in roll cutter.
If you like marinating food and enjoy the tender and rich flavors of marinated meat then VacMaster Pro260 is perfect choice for you, since it has a marinating option for infusing flavor into your food.

  • Pros: Double seal function, affordable, roll dispensing system, two way built-in cutters.
  • Cons: Hard to operate in the beginning, marinating process is sometimes erroneous.

5. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer:

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

It’s a great choice for your home kitchen, since it comes with an excellent starter kit. The starter kit has heat seal roll, an accessory hose and a few other great features. If you had bad experiences while sealing delicate foods then this products can match your expectations. It has a CrushFree instant seal function that ensures proper sealing of delicate food items.
Though you can use different canisters and bags with this product but FoodSaver vacuum sealers are especially made to work with FoodSaver bags and rolls.

  • Pros: Removable and dishwasher safe drip tray, user manual for troubleshooting, accessory hose, convenient, affordable.
  • Cons: Limited warranty period, no built-in cutter.

Some Things to Consider When Buying an External Vacuum Sealer

Before making a final purchasing decision for an external vacuum sealer, you must consider the following important factors to ensure the best choice:

It totally depends on your personal preferences and requirements. You may want a portable vacuum sealer to take that on a vacation or your choice can be totally opposite. External vacuum sealers are mostly medium sized portable and durable appliances for everyday domestic use. So choose the size that suits your kitchen space for daily use and obviously for travelling you would want more portable option.
It’s a very important factor that you must consider while purchasing an external vacuum sealer. The vacuum pressure should always be around 28hg to ensure solid air suction. Cheaper machines are tempting but these often don’t have sufficient vacuum strength and as a result food doesn’t get sealed properly. So go for an external vacuum sealer that provides sufficient vacuum strength to ensure proper sealing.
To purchase an external vacuum sealer you must consider extra features. Like an inability to vacuum seal liquids would be a great drawback of the machine, it would limit its utility for your kitchen. So check extra features like manual and automatic modes. These different working modes are essential for you to seal liquid food properly, since you would need to adjust the machine manually. Look for extra settings, like a rapid marinate mode, pressure displaying gauge and LED indicators. These are some very important features you might not want to miss in your sealing appliance.
Maintenance costs are something that you must consider while purchasing an external vacuum sealer. Though buying a cheaper machine seems like an ideal deal but it often go over your budget when it comes to maintenance costs. Cheap machines require changing their spare parts from time to time to ensure good performance. So be careful about the purchasing price and cautiously check the spare parts. Also, some cheap external vacuum sealers require you to buy bags separately. It means extra expenses would pile up with a cheap deal.

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