Best comparison of external vacuum sealer bags and chamber vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealer is one of the most popular kitchen appliances as it seals the food packets with an air tight seal, which helps the people to safely store food for a long period. However, while purchasing this useful appliance people do get confused between external vacuum sealer and chamber vacuum sealer

So, let’s have a brief look at these two vacuum sealers which will clear all your confusion and help you to choose the best model.

External vacuum sealer

This type of vacuum sealers is very popular among the consumers as it offers some incredible benefits, which overpower the benefits of any other type of vacuum sealers. This type of appliance is quite easy to use as it comes with button control and is also beneficial for saving kitchen space as it acquires only a little space on the kitchen counter tops. Let’s have a look at some of the factors which need to be thoroughly checked before buying an external vacuum sealer.

Suction strength

The external vacuum sealer has a high suction power because of which it takes a very less time in removing the air from the external vacuum sealer bags. So, always check out the sucking strength of the model before buying it.

Ability to seal larger bags

This type of appliance has an ability to seal large sealing bags with ease and some models are also capable of sealing multiple small bags in one go. So, always check out for this feature before buying this type of vacuum sealer.

Chamber vacuum sealer

This type of vacuum sealers proves out to be more costly than external vacuum sealers, but is still preferred over other types of vacuum sealers because of its vacuum efficiency. This type of appliance can seal 40 or more bags in an hour, which is quite impressive and because of this feature it is mainly used in commercial sectors such as restaurants. So, let’s have a look at some of the factors to be considered before buying a chamber vacuum sealer.
chamber vacuum sealer

A chamber vacuum sealer with a larger size will allow you to pack more bags than a chamber vacuum sealer with small size. So, always check out the size of this appliance as its speed is directly dependent upon the size of this appliance.

Liquid packaging

External vacuum sealer bags and other sealer bags are not only used to store dry food, but can also be used to store liquid food too such as soups, gravies and many more. So, while buying a chamber vacuum sealer, make sure it has the ability to tightly seal the sealing bags used for storing liquid food. For better liquid packaging, the model should have an angular face. So, do consider these factors before buying a chamber vacuum sealer.
These are some of the major differences between external vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealer. So, if you are planning to buy this useful kitchen appliance for home, then use external vacuum sealers otherwise chamber vacuum sealers for commercial use. These factors will help you to choose the perfect type of vacuum sealer.

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