8 Tips On Freezing Food With Vacuum Sealer

foodsaver-vacuum-sealerDo you have time constraints to cook food? Do you ever wish that after a tiring day when you enter home, you just pop the cooked food, heat it and enjoy it with all its freshness? Or you can store bulks of food products in reduction price period?
Sounds enticing!!
Well, a vacuum sealer can help to save both time and money if put to the right use. You can prepare larger meals and save left over so you have something in hand in times of rush, so you can enjoy food with best of its freshness.
To achieve perfect freezing, I have listed 8 tips when using food saver vacuum sealer.

1. How To Pre Freeze:

Pre freezing is important to prevent the liquid flow through bag and clumping of food products. Home grown tomatoes when are pre freezed on a cookie sheet can be sealed with a vacuum master, can be stored for a longer period of time and won’t turn squished. This tip is useful for both meat and meat balls as well for fresh foods where all you have to do is to freeze it, squeeze it to remove air and seal it.


2. When To Freeze Cooked Versus Uncooked Food:

Some food stuff like sauces, curries and casseroles can be reheated easily. So it’s best to vacuum seal them when cooked. So that in times of need, a quick hot meal is ready.
Portion out uncooked meat as per need when you buy it in bulk or meatballs when extra batch is prepared to be used later. Vegetables, however are blanched so that it can retain its nutrients, color and texture.

3. Always Label Packages:

food-vacuum-sealerBest vacuum sealers ensure long life of food products that can last up to many years. Hence, it’s important to label vacuum sealed packages with the name of product freezed and with the date of sealing on it because no matter how easy it may appear to identify the frozen product, over some period of time is bound to be forgotten. Otherwise, you might realize that you have loaded your pasta with chili paste instead of the pasta sauce you prepared 4 months back.

4. Not Just For The Freezer:

Commercial vacuum sealers are not just for the freezer, they can do much more than that! It helps increase the shelf life of products like cheese – use the portion of cheese and vacuum seal the rest. Chips bags can also be resealed using vacuum sealers to ensure their crispness once opened for consumption.
One surprising use of the vacuum sealer is that they protect metals from corrosion and tarnish.
Fine silver cutlery can be vacuum sealed using food sealer. By doing so, it can save a lot of time polishing.

5. Double Recipes, Freeze The Extra:

Whenever time is available, cook an extra batch and vacuum seal it to preserve its freshness. Next time, a hassle – free meal is ready, just defrost it and heat it. How easy!


6. Buy The Bags:

Not any bags are fit to be used for food vacuum sealer. There are special vacuum seal bags that are available for food savers which ensure air and moisture free food contents over a long period of time. These bags can be tailored according to the portion size of the food to be sealed. These bags can be reused once after a thorough wash. However, bags containing raw meat can’t be used more than once.


7. Portion It Out Properly:

To make the most of the time and money spent on food vacuum sealer , it’s crucial to portion out the food products as per need that are bought in bulk , so next time when you need it in emergency – the major step is done.

8. Become Your Own Butcher:

Investment on commercial vacuum sealer is best utilized on meat. You can buy bulks of meat loafs and steaks on sale price, portion it out as per use and enjoy long freezing with freshness.
We hope all the above-mentioned tips will help you have many ideas on freezing food with vacuum sealer as per your needs. Well, it’s best that you choose some great vacuum sealing machine as well. Happy vacuum sealing!

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