6 ways to handle leftovers

There are many reasons behind meal leftovers. Different family has different reasons. Do you have also this problem in your home? Then, you should know how to handle leftover meal properly. When you can handle it, you can save food as well as money. As a result, this will be a great advantage to you.

6 ways to handle leftovers

Let’s see how you can handle leftover efficiently.

1. Use best food vacuum sealer

best food vacuum sealerVacuum sealer has become one of the most important kitchen appliances in the modern kitchens. This is a type of appliance that is highly used for protecting food from spoil. As a result, seal your leftovers’ bag and reheat them later to eat. Most of the busy mothers are following this term in order to ensure tasty meal to the kids.

The best food vacuum sealer offers longtime safety to the food items if you compare it with freezer. You can cook food and seal the plastic bag; it will save the meal from being spoiled for more than 2 months. This is not helpful for only home kitchens at all. In fact, the restaurants are using the best commercial vacuum sealer to store food and present the dish in the next day to the customers. Don’t you think, you will need a vacuum sealer for your kitchen too!

2. Reheat leftovers

Reheating leftovers is one of the oldest forms of handling foods. People use this method when there was no modern kitchen appliance in order to provide them better facility. Now a day, you have microwave oven or electric oven in order to reheat food before taking them.

In addition, you can use a fry pan in order to reheat the meal. This is a perfect way for the family who do not have matching schedule due to different working hours.

3. Use refrigerator

Use refrigeratorThere is no doubt refrigerator is one of the best way to handle leftovers. This appliance has been used from decades in the home’s kitchen to store food for a long time. It contains different compartments for different types of foods; therefore, the smell of the leftovers will not disperse to your other items.

A refrigerator can not only preserve cooked food but also store vegetables and fishes for a long time. The temperature controlled technology has improved the conditions of the modern refrigerator that increase the time frame much longer.

P/S: You can read 10 kitchen tools needed to open a small restaurant and refrigerator is one of tools.

4. Charity


This is a great way to use the leftovers because you are helping a person. Isn’t it good to provide the left to a helpless person who can’t afford? This is not only for food, in fact; this is for every item that you have in your home. You can give the helpless and homeless people who go home after home for want of food. This is the way that you can earn blessings for you as well as handle the leftovers too.

5. Processed into a new dish

ProcessedThis is a unique idea if you have item to invent new dish. Many of you have used the leftovers in order to cook a new dish. This is possible if you know some of the dish as well as some basic idea of cooking.

For example, you can take leftover noodles and cook soup with it very easily. You can use your extra rice for making vegetable rice or egg rice. Process leftovers depend on your way of cooking it again.

6. Pet

petIf you have a pet, you will not need to think for doing anything with the leftover. You can give your birds extra cooked items as well as other items. Moreover, the dogs and cats are also fond of cooked items especially cakes and other fast foods. But, you should consult with your pet doctor before giving any type of leftovers.


These are the top 6 ways to handle leftovers very easily. If you have better idea, you can share with us too. For me, using the best vacuum sealer to store cooked food and reheat them when you want to eat is the best option. In this case, you can store food as well as preserve the taste and flavor of the dish too. However, charity to the helpless people is the most common way in the developing and under-developing countries.

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