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Whenever you are intending to buy a vacuum sealer, you must also know the way to use this. Most of the time, you may not know the top 5 usages of the vacuum sealer to use. This is important to know the perfect usages and the best way to use the sealing machine to store food.

While using the food to store with the machine, you must have to know some things. On the other hand, preparation of the items for keeping foot safe from being wasted is also important.

If you do not know the usages of vacuum sealer as well as how to use this perfectly, here are top 5 important factors to know.

  1. Vacuum Sealer for Storing Food Items
  2. Reseal Wine, oil using The sealing machine
  3. Protect things from being Corrosion
  4. Reseal bags specially chips packet and others
  5. Seal different types of applications

Vacuum Sealer for Storing Food Items

The sealing machines are highly used for storing food items specially dried foods. Whenever you think to keep the item fresh for a long time, you can use the sealing machine to avoid wastage of your food.

The daily items like green beans, peas, peppers and other items can be stored using the sealing machine. On the other hand, the wet items like soup or any meal, you need to extra care.

As the machine sucks all air inside the bag, this could be a problem if you use the machine for wet foods. However, there are also some models that are specially designed for wet foods.

Green Olives In A Vacuum Packaging

Seasoned green olives in a vacuum packaging italian food

You need a preparation for storing wet food. For example, you need to freeze the items before you go through the sealer machine. If you freeze the items and then, use the sealer for sealing the bags, you can avoid any type of mechanism problem of the sealer.

If you want to seal the vegetables and meat, you should seal the items after they are in normal temperature. This is important to seal the items in normal temperature because water inside the bag could spoil the vegetables. For that reason, wait for one or two hour before sealing those items.

Reseal Wine, oil using the sealing machine

Are you facing trouble of dropping oil or wine after you break the first seal? Then, you must look for a new attachment for the bottles that can stop those drops.

But, you do not need to use any of the extra attachments for stopping those drops from the wine bottle or oil bottles. Now a day there are many vacuum sealers that can seal a bottle more than one times. Moreover, special jars are available which you can seal as many times as you want. So, using the sealing jar for sealing machine is very preferable to the users!

Protect things from being Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the main problems of the silver and metal things. If you leave a metal item in the open air for a long time, you will notice corrosion in it. As a result, this will gradually reduce the lifetime of your silver as well as you will be forced to invest time for polishing.

Only sealing those silver items into the vacuum bag to seal it to keep save can only prevent corrosion. However, you need to keep one thing in mind that you can’t seal the metal items directly using the machine.

You must use tissue paper or thick cloth to cover the item so that your vacuum bag can free from puncture risks. Because of having sharp corners and shapes, vacuum bag can easily puncture and causes corrosion.

At the same time, you can only seal the bags without vacuuming this if you want to protect ammunition of the silver. Therefore, don’t forget to set the settings of the machine before you start!

Reseal bags specially chips packet and others

There are many types of bags that you may need to reseal after you use or eat. Just like chips packet, you will need to reseal it again if it’s too big to finish. Therefore, use the vacuum sealer in order to seal the chips packet again and have comfortable cookies with friends.


Note that you will need to use the only sealing option during sealing clothespins and chip packets. Whenever you are using the vacuuming with the sealing option, the crackers will be crushed.

For that reason, remember to use only the sealing choice for those resealing time. Don’t forget to clean the bag or sealing area in order to get the maximum support.

Seal different types of applications

Sealing different types of applications is also a use of the vacuum sealer machine. The sealing machines are not only for storing foods but also provides safe other applications from various types of negative situations.

For example, keeping books for a long time in a fix place could come in contact of dust and damage the pages. But, using the sealing machine for the books could save the pages from being spoiled and dust.

You may be now vacuum sealer is only for storing food to avoid wastage but now you know the proper mean of using the sealing machine. For that reason, prepare yourself in order to use the sealing machine for every purpose that you want to get from the machine. Do not forget when you need to use the only sealing and when you need to use vacuuming with sealing.

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